AK is no longer ad-free. Read more.

1) General Changes

1. New bigger and faster server

2. More agressive caching

3. AK, MK, HK are no longer "ad-free". They are simply "free" now.
- Due to decreases in the patronage, increases in server price, workload, the websites will now have ads.
- The amount of ads will be controlled. (For now only the episode page will have ads: 4 tiny articles under the video AND 1x popup OR 1x 7 seconds video ad)
- You will not see an immediate increase in ads as there will be some A/B testing going on.

4. Patreon is no more

5. Adless access for former Patrons (ETA 2 weeks)
- All patrons that have donated $10 lifetime or more will receive a special access to all 3 websites with all the ads that are possible to remove completly removed (some that are impossible to control may persist).
- Sharing this access is FORBIDDEN. This will be closely monitored and if there is any suspition that the access was shared it will get revoked.

2) AnimeKisa Changes

1. New feature: Browse by Categories
- Sorted by All Time most popular, let's you select Subbed or Dubbed anime.
- Only shows anime that had it's categories manually added (some anime are still missing)

2. New feature: Browse using pages in the Hot(former "Most Popular") page
- Previously only the top 8 were shown, you'll be able to browse it freely.

3. New feature: Browse by All Time Popularity
- Most popular "Today" was replaced with "All Time". "Weekly" was kept.

4. New server Hydrax
- Quite similar to Fembed, great alternative if Fembed or any other is taken down due to DMCA.

5. New source with better quality on old anime

5.1 New server VidHLS (Higher quality on old anime) (ETA 1-2 months)
- Similar to VidStreaming but may perform better especially on older series as it will probably have a higher quality.

5.2 Another Fembed server (Higher quality on old anime)
- Better quality on old anime
- Great to use if the other one gets removed

6. Crawler improvements

7. Small UX improvements
- You can open either the episode or the anime page from the homepage depending on where you click (as voted in discord's #community)
- Dates over 30 days -> 1 month, 12 months -> 1 year.
- Added tiny message of how often statistics are updated.
- Small FAQ on episode page

8. Cleanup of old code
- Improved the speed of database queries
- Rapidvideo, Openload and Streamango removed

3) What's next? (NO ETA)

1. MangaKisa Update:
- New source
- Improved crawler in order to fix all missing images and chapters

2. AnimeKisa Update (beside the ones mentioned above):
- Prev/Next Season selector in anime page
- Similar Anime in anime page

3. HentaiKisa Update
- New source
- Higher Def Videos