What happened?

If you've been here since a few months ago, you probably remember us running a donation campaign. Ever since we removed ads a year and half ago (excluding third-party ones that are impossible to remove), AK's wallet dried up, thanks to your donations we were able to extend AKs life for a few months. It has been 3 long years, it was great while it lasted, but AnimeKisa is never coming back online.

What now?

There are many alternatives out there, here's a list of a few with the most features:
- Animension.to - no ads on most animes, watch together(sync) with friends, suggestions, official sources, account system/bookmarks/...
- 9anime.to - has ads, suggestions, account system/bookmarks/...
- Gogoanime.gg - has ads, account system/bookmarks/...


Copycats of AnimeKisa are out there, they are frequently infested with the worse type ads.
AnimeKisa may be shutting down, but do not use bottom of the barrel copycat websites as there are much better alternatives, the ones above are some of them.